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sabato 10 gennaio 2015


In only 9 square meters Domenico  breeds, for more than 15 years “ LIZARD CHAMPIONS”.

We went to Aquino, a little village in Frosinone province, It is famous because in this village was born one of the most famous theologians of the world, Saint Thomas, but in this village was born also Domenico Mungiguerra, one of the best lizards breeder of Italy and perhaps of Europe.

Domenico started to breed lizards in 1999, with three pairs donated to him by his uncle Pompeo, from the breeding of Ernesto Benussi, international judge and a very good lizard breeder. Ernesto had bought from Great Britain with his friend Fermi Fernando  (one of the most famous and good Italian lizards breeder), from Mr. Len Wood and Mr. Fred Snelling.
Only in 2006 Domenico has added a blue lizard, he likes blue lizard a lot, he doesn’t like the lizard colored in red because he thinks that the artificial coloration covers the real expression of the ground color .

The bird-room is constructed in wood with a large window and a glass door, he uses a block of cages in wood painted in light blue, there are no grids at the bottom of the cages, all the other equipment is typically English. The lizard is not a difficult canary to breed, but the management of the young is difficult, as everybody knows, if the young lose a feather, it re-grows grizzled or with a white tip.

Domenico breeds with fixed pairs and only if  he  has a  superlative cock does he gives him a couple of hens, as has happened this year. He breeds 14-15 pairs to obtain not  more than 55- 60 young.

His method of coupling is: "TO PAIR ONLY THE BEST PAIRS".

Since a few years he has starting to get some pretty good oxidation of  beak and legs,  this phenomenon is concomitant with administering of Polygonum Auberti with some consistency, but still far from the oxidation of foreigners.

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